It's also our 25th Birthday Year!
And we are flying......

Royal Ascot: 8 Wins Inc...

Arab Spring WON 11/4
Telescope WON 7/4 (Best Bet)
Eagle Top WON 12/1
Cannock Chase WON 7/4 (Best Bet)
Mustajeeb WON 9/2
Hootenanny WON 7/2 (Best Bet)
Sole Power WON 5/1

King George at Ascot
WON 7/2


WON 11/8 (Best Bet)
Taghrooda WON 5/1

Recent Great Winners Include...

Wahgah WON 6/1
Fottsota WON 4/1 (Best Bet)
Prince of Stars WON 15/8 (Best Bet)
Sleeper WON 6/4 (Best Bet)
Munaaser WON 7/4 (Best Bet)
Best Bet Double 25th July
Tasaday & Euro Charlie 
Tiggy Wiggy WON 5/2 (Best Bet)
Heavens Guest WON 12/1
WON 3/1
(Best Bet)
Hartnell WON 9/4 (Best Bet)
Scotsbrook Cloud WON 9/1
Belle D'or WON 11/2
Velox WON 11/2
Foxy Clarets WON 9/2
Sheikhzayedroad WON 11/2 (Best Bet)
Mr Dandy Man WON 8/1
Doctor Parkes WON 7/1 (Best Bet)
Abseil WON 5/2 (Best Bet)
Thistle Bird WON 7/2 (Best Bet)
Trulee Scrumptious WON 15/2
Bitter Lake WON 7/1
Brown Panter WON 2/1 (Best Bet)
Bridie Ffrench WON 9/2
Lady of Yue WON 8/1
Tioga Pass WON 11/4 (Best Bet)
Intrinstic WON 9/4 (Best Bet)
Dreams of Reality WON 7/1
Love Island WON 4/1 (Best Bet)
Mount Athos WON 7/2 (Best Bet)
Cannock Chase WON 11/4 (Best Bet)
Bossy Guest WON 5/1 (Best Bet)
Navajo Chief WON 15/2 (Best Bet)
Gabrials Star WON 4/1 (Best Bet)
The Hooded Claw WON 6/1 (Best Bet)
Sole Power WON 9/4 (Best Bet)
Off The Charts WON 20/1
Ishikawa WON 15/2 (Best Bet)
Black Schnapps WON 12/1 (Best Bet)
August Hill WON 13/8 (Best Bet)


2012 Professional Bets 31.5 Pts Profit
2013 Professional Bets 25.98 Pts Profit
2014 Professional Bets 3.75 Pts Profit




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Saturday Best Bet w4/1 &
85/1Treble Landed
6/1 Winner Monday!!
2 WINS Tues!
HUGE York Job Weds!!!


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